polish or wax

  1. KurlyKris

    Polish/Wax compatibility all very confusing

    Up until now, having black/dark coloured cars, I had been using AG products as a matter of course. Started using Ultra Deep Shine polish a couple of years ago, topped of with HD wax. I treated myself to a little 987 Porsche Boxster S this week, in midnight blue, having spent 18 months looking...
  2. Satch

    Wheel polish/wax test

    http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/products/products/220794/wheel_deals.html So now you know. No excuses, use a decent product on a regular basis and you should never have to resort to the vile wheel cleaners that etch the finish, just the odd bit of white spirit to remove annoying tar spots. I...
  3. Hammerhead

    Polish/Wax for Sills/Lower Section of Car

    Anyone have a favoured polish/wax that they use on the painted sill covers/lower section of their car? I want something that is long lasting and doesn't let the forthcoming winter's muck to cling to the bottom half of the car too much. At the moment I apply Autoglym Super Resin polish then...
  4. MercedesBent

    Best Polish/Wax?

    Have read the polishing thread and tbh a bit too much for my liking!! Like a nice looking, shiny car, but think 3-4 application of cleaning, waxing, polishing, etc etc will be over the top for me. I will happily wash, chamois and then wax/polish the thing to make it look good, but not want...
  5. Maff

    What polish/wax do you use?

    I got a few tins of Meguiar’s from the USA (they sell it over here now) and it takes an age to use. Almost two days work with the wash, scrub, polish, wax and anything else if its needed. The results are good (see below) but just wondered what polish/wax you use and how long it usually takes...
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