1. S

    C63 wheels Pothole damage

    Interesting read.... Southampton driver plans to sue his local council because potholes caused £3,000 of damage to his Mercedes car | Daily Mail Online
  2. Pete W

    Flat spotted wheels after hitting a pothole

    As per title Car was in MB today and they say I have flat spotted both wheels on the passenger side and they need replacing. Thing is the car drives fine no vibrations. Can these be repaired or am I looking at new rims even though I can not feel any problems/vibrations through steering etc.
  3. developer

    Pothole Damage

    A 30mph encounter with a small(ish) pothole... £900 rear wheel buckled, tyre deflated and deformed :mad:. The car is in MB Saturday to check if the front is ok, so it could get a whole lot worse :crazy:. Has anyone been successful or unsuccessful in claiming for the damage in similar...
  4. G

    CLK 320 - W209 - undertray & pothole...

    CLK has met with a pothole and the undertray has come away and then been caught under the front right wheel... bit of a mess. What's the part name / number for this; does anyone know?
  5. N

    How to get a pothole fixed lickity-split.

    http://i100.independent.co.uk/article/this-man-is-painting-penises-on-potholes-so-the-council-has-to-take-action--ekSuZ63mgW https://www.facebook.com/****syRoadArtist **** = w a n k (- the spaces)
  6. moonloops

    A pothole finder..

    .. Elastic band tyres :D Used 1998 Mercedes-Benz AMG E55 AMG for sale in Buckinghamshire | Pistonheads
  7. machineheadrock

    I hate potholes, share your pothole photos here!

    I love my CLK Really I do, but one week in, and already it needs a new lower arm and windscreen is getting replaced on insurance in two weeks time Then it has a MOT. In one week I have bought a new seat belt, a new fog and a new lower arm. I know I got the car at a steal, but I really hope it...
  8. st13phil

    Good News! Oxfordshire County Council say they're on top of pothole repairs...

    ...and Elvis is alive and well and working at the local chip shop :mad: I've often thought that those responsible for roads in Oxfordshire were smoking something they probably shouldn't be, but anyone who feels that "the repairs team was coping well as ice, floods and snow combined to open up...
  9. david55amg

    pothole damage

    hi all, just wondered if anyone knows what I should do next. my other arf was going round a bend in our clk320 when she hit (literally) upon a pot hole. One tyre, the rear strangley, was flat after 5 mins. the front damaged beyond repair. the hole she hit was photographed by myself and was found...
  10. W

    Useful "how to" for pothole damage etc

    This week's Auto Express: http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/howtobuy/howtobuy/202431/make_a_claim.html
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