1. DSM10000

    Prayers for Pilots!

    Not sure how many fellow flyers we have on here but thought I would share this, I have seen something similar but not quite like this!:D 1.Thou shalt abstain from the intersection takeoff for, verily, the runway behind thee, as the altitude above thee, cometh not to thine aid when thou...
  2. jadefox

    Please keep unit504 in your prayers today

    I don't know if anyone has already posted, but a few days ago I found out that our very own Simon Hunt (unit504) discovered he has a brain tumour. It was a sudden diagnosis after an eye test when his sight went strange, they found out he was blind in one eye because of a tumour behind it. He...
  3. simbad

    New Tyres, answer to all my prayers

    Some may remember i posted a couple of times a few months back looking for advice with my CLK 55 steering, it was pulling to the left then right and just all over the place, but then fine again. I took it to 2 garages to get alignment and bushes etc checked and after £150 of checking and...
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