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    E55k wagon pref

    The search is on for a late 211 e55k. I've read the reviews and the 55 vs 63 views on here and other forums and I think for me the 55 has the right balance of price and performance. So the dream car would be: Estate Not silver Not brown wood But I'm not stubborn enough to wait for ever so...
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    Wanted E500 pref estate high spec

    Hi all, Anyone got an e500 for sale?preferably with a sunroof and high spec (dynamic seats etc) Thanks ... Please pm or [email protected]
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    Wanted period SEC wheels, pref Penta/Zender

    Hi all - first post despite being a 5 year old member! After some wheels for my 560SEC Zender, I currently have 17" amg wheels from a 90s vehicle which I'd consider a px on? Based in Leicester but happy to travel! Any offers? Thanks :)
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    C32 AMG Wanted (pref late model)

    Hi all - have my eye out for a good condition C32. Preference is for late 2003 or 2004 and under 60k miles. Sunroof and auto climate would be nice to have (wouldn't say no to TV either, but not exactly a must!). Well looked after and good engine take precedence over all of the above however...
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    Needed: Mechanic, Classic Merc (1980s), pref South West London

    Hi - Does anyone know of a good independent specialist able to work on classic mercedes (I have a W123 1982 Estate), in South or South West London? Thanks very much - B
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    WTD:S500 pref in Silver (upto 3/4 years old)

    Looking to buy a S500 in swb/lwb, preferably in silver, not more then 3/4 years old, with less then 40,00o mls, must have fmbsh, and hopeful some toys:Telephone, command, tv tuner, linguatronic, can anyone help or let me know where there can be one?Priced £30-35k Thanks Jig
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