1. imadoofus

    QuickTime Help

    My iTunes has stopped working (Win XP Home). I get a "Windows has encountered an error" message, and 'more information' tells me I need to update my iTunes version. However, when I try, I get an error updating Quicktime. When I try to run QuickTime, I get a buffer overrun error. When I...
  2. Dieter

    Canon scanner and Quicktime

    Hi, Just purchased Canon LIDe60 scanner but it won't operate if QuickTime is installed (doesn't have to be running). QuickTime seems to mess with USB(2) function. Canon technical support was useless (go see ?MicroSoft as our S/ware is good :eek: ) Thus I have a choice of either iPOD...
  3. KillerHERTZ

    Transfering a quicktime movie onto DVD

    A mate of mine would like to watch the Episode III trailer, but doesnt have internet access. How would I go about putting this on a CD or DVD so we could watch it on the telly?? I have a DVD burner... They are in quicktime format
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