1. WesLangdon

    Protection Racket appoints new CEO

    The worlds oldest and most sucessful protection racket has just appointed a new CEO BBC News - World
  2. Billy albert

    c32 suspension racket

    Have got a racket from underneath somewhere going over uneven roads especially speed humps. is a knock of some sort seems like front right but sometimes sounds like back right. Had it on ramp tried to see if any play but nothing so am stumped, anyone got any ideas to likely cause. bit vague...
  3. J

    Horrible racket coming from behind instrument panel

    Hi I have a C Reg 260E and whilst on the M11 going to Stansted on Friday (doing around 70mph) a terrible racket all of a sudden appeared and it seemed like it was coming from behind the instrument panel. It didn't sound as though it was an engine noise, although I can't be sure. The noise...
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