1. Londonscottish

    Wife just got rear-ended - options?

    Hi all, My wife just got rear-ended in the S211 on her way out of town. I jumped in her car to go and have a look. The bumper metal inner section has been damaged (pushed in), the bumper cover mountings have been popped off on the nearside and the hatch has been dented. Lights and wings...
  2. Gollom

    My rear-ended W211 - and what use are paddles?

    Got rear ended by a Mini yesterday :eek: I was slowing for traffic ahead and the lady behind me did not notice, hence slammed! into the back of me! I think my towbar took most of the impact but the sides of the rear bumper concertined. Imapact was so hard that the Audio 20 popped out of the dash...
  3. P

    Rear-ended someone Friday - but he has'nt phoned me yet !

    Rear-ended someone on Friday morning coming off the M5 near Cheltenham. Totally my fault but there wasn't a huge amount of damage. Gave the fella my business card with home no and mobile no on the back. Thing is he has'nt phoned me yet to get insurance details off me. What do you reckon...
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