1. Petrol Pete

    I didn't know that.....

    ....Pushing and holding in the recirculate button on the climate/aircon unit on the dashboard will instantly wind up all open windows and close the sunroof ! Much easier than scrabbling around for all the buttons when passing a muck spreader. :thumb:
  2. clk208

    Do I have broken AC - how long does yours recirculate?

    Right, since getting the CLS a year and a half ago I've been a firmly "AC always on" kind of guy. Much more pleasant environment in the car and I get to avoid all the fumes belching out of lesser non-MB cars as I also run recirculate. I noticed normally it stays on recirculate for 30mins...
  3. S

    Air Con recirculate flaps.....

    I think I have a problem with the Aircon on my 1998 W140. Whilst it does get very cold and very hot as it should, it only 'blows' well when I select the 'recirculate' option (when the red LED is on). When I turn off the 'recircuate' option to draw air in from the outside, after a couple of...
  4. mickl

    re-circulate button switching itself off after 10mins

    ...instead of the usual 30mins. is this because of the filter becoming clogged and require replacing or is it a bigger fault. Hopefully it's the former.
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