1. T

    Cat D Stolen Recovered 2014 E63 Estate

    Morning All, Have seen a 2014 E63 estate, with 26K miles, for sale at £30K. Problem is that its S/R, but looks perfect. Is it worth the risk? Pro's/Con's ?? Cheers.
  2. M

    Carjacked now Recovered

    Hello, My keys were taken forcibly and the car driven off. It has now been recovered by The Police (so grateful to them). I have the spare key but am afraid the thief still may have the stolen key. Can I have the car lock and my spare key reprogrammed at the dealer, so the stolen key no...
  3. T

    Steering wheels recovered

    Just had an old, worn and shiny plastic wheel recoverd in leather by Royal Steering Wheels, who advertise ready done wheels on Ebay. Lovely job, costing £115 inc postage, which I thought was excellent value. About a 2 week turn round.
  4. aka$h

    E63 AMG Cat-D (twice) and Stolen recovered.

    Mercedes E63 AMG | eBay I couldnt believe it when I read the bottom of this ad. How unlucky can you be? Or the owner has shares in an accident management company?
  5. tpwuk

    Stolen Recovered W208 Cab V8

    2000 (W) MERCEDES CLK430 V8 CONVERTIBLE AUTO/STEP on eBay (end time 14-Apr-11 11:47:19 BST) Discuss! :)
  6. 8

    Stolen recovered ?

    Hi every one, I’m thinking of looking at a C32 AMG estate for sale its on a 51 plate, and looks quite good. However its bean recorded as stolen recovered, the seller states its had no damage, so will this black mark on its history effect a future sale, or insurance? Has any one on here...
  7. M

    stolen - recovered

    just a quick one I have been offered a car that's been stolen and then recovered. what are the catches and what I need to do and to know if I want to go for it? Does it leave any mark of that fact in log book? Cheers
  8. nickg

    stolen recovered SL60 auctioned today

    My old car was auctioned today. It sold for £14150 - quite a bit more than I expected actually. Must have been in good condition.
  9. dougal74

    190E 2.3-16 Stolen Recovered

    Might be of interest to someone but the wheel and seat trims (notwithstanding the damage) would make me worry about its "previous"
  10. Howard

    Stolen Recovered r129 500sl
  11. J

    Stolen car recovered -but now this?! Madness

    Phew - where to start!! First of all - for those who don't have the time or inclination to read the point of the story below is that my car was stolen, recovered with somebody driving it, that guy has got off scot-free but now wants his audio system that he installed in the car back from me...
  12. W

    Stolen Nobles Recovered
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