1. A

    Reinstall hood vents on C63 507, help!

    Hello, i need help to reinstall hood vents on my 507. Guys tell please, how to glue them with the double-sided tape and silicone? Maybe somebody have a photos, how reinstall it? :dk:
  2. Piff

    Re-install windows

    Number 2 son's pc is in a mess - lack of maintenance and now beyond the maintenance stage OS is windows vista home premium 64bit I haven't done a disk format & reload for a few years, never done it with vista. What is the proceedure to wipe the hard disk?
  3. KillerHERTZ

    XP reinstall, no driver for modem?

    Ive just reinstalled XP on my brothers Evesham laptop, when I tried to create a 56k modem connection, it say that it couldnt find a driver for the modem. We dont have the orignal disks anymore, and this laptop cannot connect to the net. Any idea's where I can get a modem driver? Using...
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