1. RichardF

    Resonance valve M104 HFM

    I'm carrying out some maintenance and I have removed the resonance valve. 94 SL 3.2 It has a rubber nipple by the electrical connection, that just vents to the atmosphere, when I suck it operates the valve. Is this correct? I can't find a loose vacuum pipe it could connect to.
  2. jeremy156

    Engine cover creating noise (W211 E320 CDI I6)

    I have been trying to track down the source of a resonating and rattly noise from the engine bay of my 2003 E320 CDI (inline 6 type) and have finally identified that it appears to be the plastic engine cover that's buzzing. I assume this cover is present to provide sound proofing, so it is...
  3. D

    Resonance between 1800-2100RPM

    I'm getting quite a substantial resonance between 1800RPM & 2100RPM, it only seems to occur when driving so it is hard to pin point. I have briefly looked at the exhaust, Banging the boxes & heat shields but haven't managed to replicate the noise, the strange thing is, the area where it sounds...
  4. lynall

    Whats a resonance valve inlet man E430?

    Was poking under bonnet and noticed a vac actuator couple to a link arm that goes into the inlet manifold, quick look at the russian shows it item 29 top pic, is this just for noise or does it adjust the inlet length for torque etc? Lynall
  5. khfcfan

    Wanted Resonance Flap

    Hi, Has anyone out there got a resonance flap from the intake manifold for a 1997 W210 E280. I believe these are on a number of other Mercs not just the E280. The Merc part number is A0001400431 Wayne (khfcfan)
  6. A

    A200 CDI resonance?

    Hi all, My parents just bought a year-old A200 CDI with around 12k miles. Picked it up from the dealer a couple of weeks ago. Last week they started to notice a strange sound. They told me about it today (I had seen the car in our local dealer and recommended it to them!) so I took it for...
  7. M

    W202 Exhaust Resonance

    Dear Friends, I have a 1996 N, W202 Diesel, Elegance auto. I have an awful resonance coming from the exhaust ( down pipe area ) at around 1500 to 2000 rpm, under load. I have recently had a new back to front exhaust fitted by the main dealership. I took it back after a...
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