1. gr1nch

    Resources for protecting your car from attacks

    Having one's car attacked can be devastating or, at best, merely inconvenient. Attacks include: * theft of the car * its contents * damage (mindless vandalism, also forcing to gain advantage, e.g. window, ODBII port, dash, * malicious (e.g. to cause an accident) For privately owned vehicles...
  2. scotth_uk

    W108 Resources & Links

    Hi All, A link reference for W108 owners - work in progress. Please feel free to ad any information: Wikipedia: Misc:
  3. grober

    DIY links and resources forum section.

    Recently introduced is a very comprehensive DIY links and resources section to the well known USA mercedesshop forum see this should not be mistaken for their DIY wiki section, but is a series of links to sites or diy threads on the...
  4. A

    loads of mobile phone resources

    codes, tips tricks etc for many phones here and for Nokia owners wishing to unlock their phones try here
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