1. M

    Any decent MB restorers in the Herts area?

    Before they fall off altogether I figure it's worth getting the front spring hangers on my W210 rewelded. I could do the job myself but it's a safety-critical area, and besides if I get them slightly wonky it'll affect the wheel camber / alignment and therefore the handling. I don't want to...
  2. M

    leather restorers any on here ?

    i want to restore the leather in my w 126 420 sec but dont no where to go anyone on here could recommend anyone
  3. Charles Morgan

    Inertia reel seatbelt restorers

    I have tried googling and the adverts in the back of various classic car mags with no luck but the inertia reels on my Citroën SM need a good fettle and I'd be grateful for any recommendations.
  4. babyblueCE

    500 SEC restorers in West London

    Hello all, does anyone know any SEC restorers in West London?
  5. M

    Restorers or 280SL Hampshire/Sussex

    Restorers for 280SL Hampshire/Sussex Apologies if I am in the wrong forum but I am a new member and this is my first time on line. I have been given a 1981 Pagoda roof 280 SL as a BIG 30 advance present. The only problem is that I have to get it restored (some bodywork, mechanical check...
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