1. DirtyDribbla

    Drivers bolster. Reupholster or replace?

    Helooo No one seems to want to touch the big hole in my drivers seat bolster. Anyone is south west recommended to make a repair? I'd take a pic but the car is 200 miles away in storage. Would it be cheaper just to replace, if so any good places to obtain original 124 parts? Noob:bannana:
  2. Pitts Pilot

    Re-upholster seats?

    I love my SL R230, but the seats are crippling both my wife and me on long journeys. Seat comfort is a personal thing as some swear their car seats are as comfy as a sofa, whilst at the other extreme others need physiotherapy after a long run. Unfortunately, I fall in to the latter category :(...
  3. S

    Leather Steering Wheel Re-Upholster

    hello Looking for some one who can re-uploster the steering wheel on my W211 2003. Ideally someone around the London area/south east, any recommendations from forum members would be appreciated. many thanks
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