1. Giantvanman

    Karma or revenge is sweet?

    You decide....
  2. D

    Sweet revenge?

    The other day whilst driving through a McDonalds car park after getting my morning cup of coffee, there was a small incident. A chap reversed quickly out of a parking space and continued reversing down the 'aisle' toward me. I stopped sharpish and have him a toot. He ranted, gesticulated and...
  3. st13phil

    Christmas round-robin letters: The Revenge

    I heard a snippet of this bit of fun on Radio 4's Today program the other day and thought it worth sharing :D
  4. 312 Sprinter

    Speed camera revenge

    Man busted by traffic camera gets unique revenge on police department — Autoblog
  5. J

    Hyundai revenge

    Wildebeest, tortoise, hamster and The Stag... Hyundai pokes fun at Jeremy Clarkson & co with 'Top Deer' adverts | Mail Online:D
  6. D

    Bary's revenge!

    Neither big nor clever but did make me smile, no real harm done.
  7. bobby

    West London Meet 2 / Bushy Park GTG: The revenge

    Anyone fancy a meet soon?
  8. E

    Revenge is sweet!

    Funny as fcuk:D
  9. L

    Revenge at last

    Sooo funny!
  10. anarchy-inc

    revenge auction

    Not MB, but funny anyway . . .
  11. KillerHERTZ

    Revenge of the Sith - deleted scenes. Dagobah!

    For the StarWars fans on here: HERE
  12. K

    American in Italy ..revenge is a mother

    I love the stories on the road rage forum. Got to tell you this one. A few years back I rented a BMW 318 out of Rome Italy. Got on the Autostrada and gave the car an Italian tune-up. Got the 5 speed blender up to 120 mph and came upon some jack ass in the left lane. Turned on my left...
  13. Gizmo750

    Revenge! ! !

    This is the funniest thing I have seen in ages! Be warned that it has rude words in it though - for all those who object to that sort of thing. The rest of you click away and chuckle! (It's quite a...
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