1. The _Don

    Ricky s and savman merc enthusiast feature e55 amg

    Good work guys !
  2. glojo

    Ricky Hatton

    I do hope he does well and manages to win this fight, as the 'Jaw, jaw' is getting to be a bit of a 'Bore, bore'. There is only one 'Cass the Gas' and neither of these two can emulate this great fighter's communicative skills. :devil: :) Who floats like a butterfly and stings lkike a bee...
  3. Flyer

    Ricky Gervais ...

    Went to see him last night in Manchester. Absolutely f*(^ing hilarious :D He's heading back down South, so if you can, get tickets. Highly recommended (so long as you don't get offended easily and aren't politically correct :D ). The story about the Terence Higgins leaflets had me in...
  4. Paul

    Wheres Ricky "V12"

    Whats has happened to Ricky alias "V12". Hope all is well and your just busy Ricky.
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