1. imadoofus

    DVD Ripper?

    I want to backup some DVDs, and possibly to burn them to blank disks. I'm not going to sell them, or distribute them or anything, so you can save your collective breath on that. ;) I just need a decent DVD ripper, and I'm sure you lot can point me at a suitable (free) one. Thx PJ
  2. coupe deville

    Free the Yorkshire ripper ?

    Should the Yorkshire ripper be released from prison
  3. Chattonmill

    DVD to .Avi ripper

    I am off on My Jollies on Friday, but I need to convert some of the kids DVD's to .avi files so that I can play them on My Archos. I would just play them through the DVD player except that is a PS2 and if ine wants to play games the other cant use that to watch movies.... So, does anyone know of...
  4. SEM

    CD to MP3 Ripper

    I'm looking for advice on a Quality FAST CD to MP3 ripper. There are many on the net that claim to be the fastest, but i don't know without testing a few which will be the better quality. I want to narrow the best ones down and not spend 50 days listening to them all, one at a time...
  5. K


    Hi , I just got a new cd changer which will play MP3 format , can you guys recommend a ripper program to convert my CDs to MP3 format . All advice welcome .
  6. Jukie

    DVD audio ripper

    I'm after some free (yeah, cheapskate I know) software that will rip the audio tracks from DVDs. I'd like to create audio CDs from DVDs of live concerts, where a CD of the concert is not commercially available. If not free, then cheap! Any suggestions?? TIA David
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