1. Braincrank

    temperature rising and it's freezing out there ...

    Just came down the M1 and there was some traffic were the speed was about 30 mph and suddenly the temperature went up .... Once the traffic eased and I was back to cruising speed the temperature leveled out at just just over 80 which is normal for my car. My guess is thermostat ?! Also, the...
  2. Andrew W

    Cls 55 rising up !!

    Wonder if anyone can help me with my cls Basically it will rise to its full hight on its own and stay there till it decides to release the air . It seems to do it if you give the car some stick . If you park it on a hill it seems to return to its level quicker but not always .could it be a...
  3. fabes

    URGENT - CLK windows not rising on door closure

    2009 CLK convertible Today, for the first time in 6 months, when you close the door (either side) the windows don't seal fully with that final few mm or closure Ditto, when opening windows they don't (as they are already in the drop position) I have tried the rest by putting IGN to 2 and...
  4. M

    Oil level keeps rising

    Hi I have a c220 cdi 2011 and having only had it a few weeks this is one of the main issues. The level was high and so I got a friend to do an oil change and over the last week it has gone above max level - risen about a centimetre as I filled it to between Halfway of min and max. Anyone any...
  5. K

    Three w123 coupes: specialist prices or rising market?

    280CE Petrol Blue - coupe&cabriolet Concours winner 2010 but now has unstuck wood on the glovebox! All you need is a few blobs of Araldite: surprised they haven't addressed it. "Brian, being a fuly qualified mechanic, has carried out all the routine servicing over the years": that suggests...
  6. B

    Hello from the Land of the Rising Sun

    Hello everyone, I live and work in Okinawa Japan. I just purchased a 2002 Merc e320 estate. The car is right hand drive and was delivered originally to Japan. I am starting a horde of updates and upgrades to make it look a bit better. It is blinding white in color and mostly stock. This is the...
  7. D

    Rising W211 E55 prices?

    Anyone else noticed this?
  8. grober

    Jupiter Ascending

    By the filmmakers Lana and Andy Wachowski (The Matrix Trilogy). Jupiter Ascending--- Could be very good or very bad but worth keeping an eye on.;) [YOUTUBE HD]EVZELMRXeYM[/YOUTUBE HD]
  9. D

    w124 grill rising star removal? how do you do it?

    Going to have a new grill I purchased colour coded but can figure out how to remove the rising star. Im obviously being think but can someone elaborate?!
  10. Mikeyboy4

    My post count isn't rising

    That can't be good :dk:
  11. Palfrem

    Global warming and rising sea levels

    So how does this pan out then? BBC News - Undersea mountains march into the abyss What about "rising sea levels"??
  12. stevesey

    Revs rising on slow 3rd -> 4th changes

    I'm not sure if there is anything wrong here - but I have noticed it recently and it's bugging me. If I accelerate steadily, so the box changes gears between 2000 and 2500rpm, the change from 3rd -> 4th is very slow and seems odd. Initially the revs increase by 200-300rpm then after about 1...
  13. guydewdney

    Bye bye... off to the land of the rising sun...

    Decided finally today its time for a change. Tried hardc to get an ML to do the job - nope - rusty pile of poo, broken trim (on nearly new ones, let alone the 'old' ones at 20K... so I have ordered one of these:- £20,999.... + vat.. Still have the 1972 coupe though. :)
  14. Maff

    Congestion Charge Rising to £8

    Looks like it's going up then.... http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/london/4399059.stm
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