1. Stratman

    Robot lawyer bot challenges parking fines

    A chatbot programmed by a British teenager has successfully challenged 160,000 parking tickets since its launch last year. Fill yer boots.
  2. ringway

    Driver Robot, any good?

    Hi Techies! I'm having a few teething problems (main issue being getting pictures from phone to computer) with my new Samsung i8910 phone (I think it's excellent though) and I need to update the firmware. Whilst looking for the latest firmware update I came across Driver Robot and they have...
  3. Steve_Perry

    Anyone else find all these robot guests disturbing?

    I'm guessing they're harmless if they're being sent out by internet search engines to check us out. Heh I feel outnumbered late at night :p 1 or 2 members and about 20 odd guests. S.
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