1. merc85

    North Weald 8th may RWYB Drag racing

    Anyone else going? I will be taking Brutus of course:D Would be good to see some other Merc's. Sunday 8th of May, Get there early to que as it gets Very busy outside the gate even at 7.30am, Maitland Racing - North Weald Test & Tune Calendar The only thing you need to race is £10 for...
  2. BenzedUP

    RWYB Saturday 12th

    OK, so a few of you guys on here have shown an interest for Saturday the 12th. I'll be going with a couple of mates that day. More info: Let's get an early list started: Benzedup - 911 C4S or SLK55 F1BHP - SL600 ? JimiE55 - E55K
  3. D

    Testing the water - RWYB Sunday 23rd August

    Morning all, Considering going down to Santa Pod on Sunday 23rd August and running the C63 down the 1/4 mile. Hoping to be able to borrow Acid's Slicks to be able to do this otherwise don't think there's much point in doing it with road tyres. I just wanted to gauge whether there would be...
  4. G

    Santa Pod RWYB Sat 4th July

    Hello, I'll be running my old SL55 there this weekend against a mate with a 997.1GT3. I'll probably not take his scalp unless he completely fluffs it (or catches fire - fingers crossed), however is anyone else attending? Thanks, P
  5. marc.l

    RWYB @ Santa pod 5/5/2013

    Hi guys Going to Santa pod on Sunday to get base numbers before the mods go on . Main reason being that most of the modifications are quite bespoke ( twin throtle bodies , cross over custom exhaust manifold , killer chiller type cooler and a few other things !!! ) and so need numbers to...
  6. marty359

    Santapod RWYB

    [YOUTUBE HD]8AyLS-3xC1c?hd=1[/YOUTUBE HD]
  7. marty359

    Santapod RWYB June 2012

    Probably the worst line up of cars ive ever seen at Santapod and the weather was crap too but lots of runs for Alx and Savman without queing. _aJ_akipfbg?hd=1 It won't auto play in 720 HD for some reason but can be changed here......^^...... when playing.
  8. marty359

    Santa Pod RWYB 2nd October

    Its safety first at this event..........always remember your sun cream :doh: [YOUTUBE HD]UE5imeMkYPM[/YOUTUBE HD]
  9. marty359

    Santa Pod RWYB

    Im off to Santa Pod next Saturday (12/3) if the weathers dry for a couple of runs. Ive not been back since ive had the remap and want to see if I can beat my 13.2s 1/4 mile. Anyone fancy going?
  10. pammy

    Santa Pod - RWYB day - Sun 22nd September......

    following on from Rather than get into a battle over who does/doesn't organise - shall we start by seeing if it's a runner ? Although it's a runner if only one wants to go ;) But if we want to make it a club do - we need to set a...
  11. GrahamC230K

    Santa Pod RWYB - Sun 20th May

    Just a quickie to let you know I will be at Santa Pod on Sun 20th May. Not an offical special event but there are going to be a few more German cars about than normal I think. There are around five Audi S4 2.7 bi-turbos intending on running I know of, a few other Audis and the same again...
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