1. M

    Multi safer for dash cam installation

    Hi folks, anyone any experience of the multi safer battery voltage protection module for use with a dash cam installation? Or even if they can be purchased easily in this country. They seem to be preferred over the power magic pro. Any installers have any comments to make, either way...
  2. Pitts Pilot

    How much safer is driving a LHD car abroad?

    How important, or how useful is it, to have a left hand drive car in, say, France? I spend 50% of my time driving on the right hand side of the road, and its only an issue because I have a UK SL350 that has the ability to overtake slower traffic. The problem is obvious, I have to pull out...
  3. J

    Will it be safer on British road?

    A senior police source said: 'We've had requests to arrest people who are wanted for motoring offences and it's cost a fortune on interpreters, transport and man hours processing them for the flight for them to only return a few days later. :crazy: Read more...
  4. Satch

    Hormones make women safer drivers (I will never hear the end of this)

    The female hormone oestrogen could give women the edge when it comes to tasks such as safe driving, say researchers. Tests showed attention span and ability to learn rules were far better among women than men. The Bradford University scientists told a hormone conference in London how...
  5. Satch

    I feel safer already
  6. Flyer

    Silver cars are safer

    Sorry Kinky, I just know that you were dying to post this ;) : Silver cars safer, research shows Drivers of silver cars are less likely to suffer serious injuries in a crash than motorists with vehicles of another colour, research has claimed. Silver cars were said to be 50% less...
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