1. R

    S&R engineers. Formby

    Just thought I'd recommend S&R in Formby. I used them last week they diagnosed the problem on my car by ear ( split airflow pipe ) didn't need to run any diagnostic tests. Very impressed, thanks Ray.
  2. P


    Despite the niggling tappett noise on my car.... and my obsession with it..( and i know ive moaned a bit ! )..... i must say that S&R Motors have been brilliant despite my reservations at first...( only due to past bad experience from the motor trade )...Ray was very patient with me hassling him...
  3. Jukie

    In praise of S&R, Formby - again!

    Took mum's car down on Friday for a B service. Inspection discovered a knackered water pump and broken front spring (so 2 new ones). Cutting a long story (and day!) short, the guys stayed til 8pm sorting things out. The pump turned up about 6:30. Everything else, inlcuding two springs had been...
  4. C

    Service @ S&R Motors

    After reading some recommendations in the forum booked my '98 E300td estate with 75k in for A service, gearbox fluid & filter change, investigate knock from front suspension. Got off to a bad start when the loan car wouldn't!! However Ray soon managed to sort out another 190 - not perfect...
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