1. John

    Sauber F1 Car chopped in two...

  2. W210 Fan

    Surface CAD expertise needed for Sauber C9 project

    Hi guys, long time no speak, I am going to start building a Sauber C9 when I am debt free, hopefully later this year, however I am no surface modeller, which is stopping me finishing the body which i stopping me finishing the chassis, what I would really like is somebody to do the bodywork for...
  3. Flyer

    BMW buy Sauber F1

    Sauber and Credit Suisse are selling a majority interest in the Sauber Holding to BMW effective 1 January 2006, thus creating the basis for sporting success as well as the future of the factory with its 300 employees at the Hinwil location. As of 2006, the German manufacturer will enter a BMW...
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