1. K

    Ipod Scrolling on Command

    I have most of my music on a 64gb iPod. Is there a way to scroll quickly through the music menu on Command? I.e. initials of artists or albums liike when using the Ipod in its own rather than having to go through the lot every time.
  2. Stratman

    Loss of scrolling after MS updates

    I downloaded and installed the updates for Windows 7 (64bit) today, and have now lost the virtual scrolling on the Synaptics touchpad, where you can scroll through a screen by sliding your finger along the edge of the pad. Is it just me, or has anyone else found this? Any solutions? I...
  3. Brian WH

    Smooth Scrolling

    I have just had a new Power Supply Pack fitted to my Computer after it's failure. Ever since I have had a strange scrolling effect on "All Programmes" and Internet pages. The mouse scroll is set to three lines on my mouse settings, but it scrolls in "waves" which is most distracting. :eek...
  4. Howard

    LED scrolling sign

    At work we have a Pro-lite PL2111 scrolling sign, it hasn't been used for ages and the serial cable and programming software have been lost (not on the office pc either) . anyone got any ideas where to get these items from, have tried jolly old ebay with no luck .... cheers
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