1. V

    problem with the gearbox sequentronic 716

    Hello my name is Ivan and I have a problem with my Mercedes C220 tsdi need a hydraulic pump with number A209 553 02 01 can anyone help me and tell me where to buy it this pump thanks in advance.I'm sorry but I do not speak English very well
  2. M

    Sequentronic Gearbox Pump For Semi Automatic Sequential CLK C Coupe SL

    Mercedes Benz Sequential Gearbox Pump Electro-hydraulic pump for sequential gearboxes fitted to Mercedes Benz. CLK W208 & 209, C Coupe and C W203 & SL It may also fit the sprinters too. Used but working as garage starting replacing items and guessing :wallbash::wallbash: The pump costs £200...
  3. M

    Big Gearbox / Sequentronic Problem

    Please please help someone! As some of you may know from my previous posts, I've been having some problems in the morning with my CLK with the 6 Speed Sequentronic box (see my other post for pics of this gearbox). The problem I was having was everytime I put my foot on the brake I am asked...
  4. imadoofus


    Didn't want to hijack recycled's thread so I decided to start my own. One of my bête noirs is made-up words. Shampoo and makeup seem to be the worst. "Hydroelantistical", "Dermopraxiselatin" and so on (I made them up myself, and you probably didn't even know it :D ) Anyhoo; what the...
  5. R


    Has anyone got any experience of the merc sequentronic gearbox? i mean the one made for the c-class estate and the c class sport it has just A,N,R,+,- written on top of the gear knob as opposed to the tiptronic written on the base P,R,N,D,+,-
  6. B

    Sequentronic Judder

    I have a c220 cdi with a sequentronic qear shift and am experiencing juddering when pulling away and sometimes from first to second. any ideas. Thanks
  7. N


    I thinking of changing my W202 C250 auto for a W203 Sport Coupe CDi. In addition to the conventional auto it's also offered with the sequentronic, which appears to be more efficient. Does anyone have any experience of this? I'm thinking in terms of driveability, pulling away, manoeuvering...
  8. Z

    Sequentronic gearbox, clutch and warranty.

    I have an odd thumping sound coming from my car when it changes gear. First the dealership thought it was a plate which is on the differential, so they changed that, didnt solve the problem. Then they thought it has to be the differential, so they changed that, didnt solve the problem. Now...
  9. OGiii


    I've ordered an E200K for delivery in September (Co. Car). I know it's probably underpowered but it's part of a master-plan ;) basically it gets me in to this class of Merc and then next time round I can get one with bigger engine etc etc. The reason I'm asking about this is that I've...
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