1. G

    Successfully repaired severely damaged w211 folding mirror mechanism

    Hi, I just thought I'd share my experience of repairing my folding mirror. I clipped another mirror in a narrow street. Really not very hard but enough to break the motor/gearbox part, meaning the mirror just flapped about. The only other damage was a small crack in the indicator lens. I...
  2. SilverSaloon

    one side brake pad severely worn (almost down to metal) but rest are fine

    hi my wife's picasso's brake pads were changed about a year ago (by me). The discs were NOT changed. Anyway, there has been a vibration thru the steering wheel and also a intermittent squeek from the wheel recently so i took the wheel off to discover ONE pad was almost completely worn...
  3. pammy

    Any references to me will be severely dealt with

    A blonde female police officer pulled over a blonde gal in a convertible sports car for speeding. She walked up to the car and asked the blonde for her driver's license. The blonde convertible driver searched through her purse in vain. Finally she asked, "What does it look like?" The...
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