1. M

    R129 300 SL-24 Electric Seat Wiring Diagram

    Evening all, just picked up my new 1991 300 SL-24. It comes complete with its fair share of problems and i (my father) is working his way through them. I was hoping that i might be able to locate a wiring diagram for the electric seats but i have so far failed. I need one for the 1991...
  2. James1976

    300 SL-24 M104 non-return valve?

    Afternoon all. Quick couple of questions - I've got a 75,000 mile one of the above. Recently parked the car on a sideways slope after a long run and the tappets rattled for a few seconds when starting the engine again. Guess the oil had run out of some of the tappets, perhaps due to the...
  3. P

    1992 300 sl-24 m104

    How are you all doing ? I was wondering if any one could tell me where i could find a head bolt tightening sequence diagram.for a 1992 300 sl-24 with m104 engine.i am replacing the head gasket and i am at the point where i need to know this to finish. Thank you very much
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