1. K

    Soundproofing diesel cars - anyone done it?

    Has anyone successfully cut down the noise of a diesel car with soundproofing? I have a W211 E Class estate and the noise from the diesel engine is louder than I would like. Sounds like I'm driving a Taxi. There is standard soundproofing under the bonnet but it's still pretty loud in the...
  2. T

    S211 Soundproofing

    Hi all, for various reasons it's been quite a while since I've posted on here but anyway I'm back now and I've a question for you knowledgeable folk. I've had my S211 for just over 3 years and I'm very happy with it but for a while now I've been conscious of road noise from the rear of the car...
  3. Q

    Drying out sound-proofing material

    I posted previously in another thread where the passenger footwell of my car had become flooded after a car wash. That's resolved now. I got the carpet out and it's drying away. However I can't remove some of the sound-proofing material around the very bottom of the footwell in up against...
  4. N

    Soundproofing material to engine bay

    The soundproofing 'foam' stuff that is under the bonnet on my car is in a right old state and is crumbling away to dust making the whole engine bay dirty/dusty. Any ideas what it is and where I can get some new stuff? Is it a part in it's own right or do they just have a roll of it? It does seem...
  5. mercmanuk


    can anyone advise on a supplier for soundproofing for my works van,the noise is driving me mad,i want something i can put under the rooflining,inside the doors,and behind the bulkhead,under the bonnet. cheers all
  6. garystu1965

    Anyone used Noisekiller soundproofing ?

    I've just had a quote from them for a complete kit. It's special soundproof foil that dampens vibrations and minimises engine, road and exhaust noise. I was quoted £165 for the material and £90 for fitting. Apparently the foil goes over the original soundproof stuff in the bonnet and also is...
  7. J

    Soundproofing for C200 CDI

    I have a November 53 reg C200 CDI SE Elegance saloon with 21000 miles on the clock. I find the car to be rather harsh sounding and noisy when accelerating. At first I thought this was down to the car being new and that it would quieten down once it was 'run in'. To a certain extent the car...
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