1. borz

    How to change sparkplugs

    Hello every one My car is due for B service and I am going to have the oil and filter don by the garage and going to try to change the spark plugs myself for the first time, I will be grateful if any one has any pictures and advice on how to and what tools I will need to do this task I already...
  2. bigjim

    Life of W211 E55 Sparkplugs

    How long will the spark plugs last on an E55 please? I've read 100,000miles - is that correct?
  3. M

    Sparkplugs for M104 2.8

    Hello All. What would be the sparkplugs of choice for my engine. Has anybody got an opinion. Also, how often should remove them for cleaning/re gapping, if that is neccessary. Any advice would be helpful and, I am just trying to know more about my w124. Thanks Mercedeslover.:thumb: ps; Air...
  4. T

    changing sparkplugs on w209 clk320

    hi could anyone tell me whats the best way to remove and change the sparkplugs on this model, its the early 2002 newer shape clk320. i wanted to take a hand at doing this myself on this car. but when i remove the leads from the spark plugs there seems to be a sharp triangle object covering half...
  5. L

    SparkPlugs AAaaaaaaaargh!!!

    Hi all, as you may have worked out, I'm having a problem with the sparkplugs, or should i say the removal of said items. These little buggers just won't be disconnected from the HT leads!!!! I've tried the gentle approach, the hard approach, the wiggling technique and the sparkplug...
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