1. kianok


    Ok, so my GF hates them (i'll use that as my opening cover) but does anyone know of a constant repelant? Living close to woodland they visit us in September however they are constant at the moment which is unusual. Any distraction advise?
  2. trapperjohn

    Spiders. Lots of baby ones.

    Nature takes its course in our garden.
  3. Whitey

    Wing Mirror Spiders

    Morning guys I've had a spider living and setting up home in my wing mirror for longer than I can remember. I've given up trying to remove him, so let him be - I can't believe he can catch that much to survive though ! Anyone else got a wing mirror friend ? Whitey
  4. D

    SPIDERS again

    My alarm has started to play up again and this morning where was a web between the dash and the front seat. Last year I was lucky and caught the so and so building a web between the sensor and the head rest! I have provided a large garage for them to live in - all I ask is for them to leave my...
  5. KillerHERTZ

    Plague of the spiders - 2008

    Im not a fan of Spiders. In the past 2 days I have to kill* 9 Spiders in my flat larger than 50p's! :eek: :eek: I have just found a tiny one in the Fridge - how the hell does a Spider get in the fridge?!?... Anyway, As I live in a ground floor flat I want to open the windows in the...
  6. H

    Alarming Spiders - A Warning!

    New boy on the site - so please be gentle. :rolleyes: I have a 1998 C240 Estate - Elegance and have suffered over the last few days with the alarm going off, apparently at random. I stopped the nuisance alarms by disabling the movement and interior sensor using the button on the dash...
  7. mobeyone


    Having a good ol clean out of the garage and what do we find... I kid you not, it was about the size of my hand!!!
  8. F

    Spiders in my wing mirrors

    Hey all got a peculiar problem - i have spiders in both my wing mirrors -they keep spinning new cobwebs every morning... anyone know of a quick way to get rid of them? They hide inside the mirrors and remain even after the car is washed and shampooed... Some say they are good luck ...
  9. pammy

    Don't anyone ever tell me spiders are harmless!!

    EATEN BY HIS PET SPIDERS Feb 27 2004 Cops' macabre find in flat From Allan Hall In Berlin SPIDERMAN Mark Voegel became a gruesome feast for the creepy-crawlies he loved. They devoured his body after he got a lethal bite from his favourite pet Bettina - a deadly Black Widow. More...
  10. Steve_Perry


    Anyone else get pesky little spiders living behind the glass of their wing mirrors? Then sticking webs over the mirrors? :rolleyes: :crazy: S.
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