1. Braincrank

    stutter and splutter when cold ...

    Any tips welcome ! Recently the engine is stuttering violently after starting in the morning for about a minute until the engine gets warm. After that it's fine for the remainder of the day until the next morning. Today it even stalled once /-: What could it be and what should I do ?
  2. A

    A140 splutter - ECU/MAF repaired, some problems remain

    New poster to the forum I have a 2000 A140 and had intermittent spluttering/stalling of the engine at low revs, stalling, and finally problems starting. I took it to a garage and after diagnostics he said my ECU may need replacing, and/or the EGR valve has a problem. ECU/MAF I got a second...
  3. R

    A class intermittent splutter / stall ...advice needed please !

    Hi, I've just bought a 1998 (S) A140 for the wife. It has 77k miles and seems in great condition. It ran fine for the first week. I fitted a new air filter as the existing one was quite dirty.. Now this week every so often it keeps spluttering / stalling. I replaced the spark plugs last...
  4. MercedesBent

    Very slight engine splutter

    hardly noticeable.....except when on tickover at lights etc. Just a very slight 'judder' from the engine every second or so. Goes when depress accellerator slightly and go to 1000 or 1200 revs or so, but at 7/800 I can just tell it's there. No one else has noticed it, it's just not a silky...
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