1. seech

    Massive **** stole my spoiler

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section... Some uber bell sack prized my factory carbon fibre spoiler off my C63 PPP. I can't express my disgust in writing. £1,453.20 for a new one! If anyone is offered one remotely near Manchester... let me know. Conversely, if you have a spoiler like...
  2. Z

    Who stole my Merc badge??

    Do you guys @ euro car parts, sell merc badges?? 2003 e320 (stand up badge/emblem) can you supply or have solution to fix as my babe looks ****e now without here badge:(
  3. Z

    Which of you stole my Badge??

    Ok, who was it...come on own up!! My 2003 e320 avangarde was left outside my house in Belfast yesterday. At 4pm was the last time I seem my babe complete. Then at 5pm when I went out to stroke her...some (insert profanity here) defaced here by taking the merc emblem/badge (was stand up one)...
  4. blaser24nig

    Mercedes Benz Dealer Stole my...

    Asper my title, they stole my navigation disc. I honestly cannot believe it. I had an accident last year that took a bit of time to get sorted for one reason or the other and when I got my car back last week and wanted to use my nav, hey presto, not working, checked for the disc, dvd drive...
  5. ackee911

    Who stole my star

    Terrible isn't it. A bunch of w***ers smashed my passenger rear window a lil while back (most probably to nick the TVs at the back)-but didn't count on the double-glazing-so it just cracked slightly. BUT THE WORST!! Someone nicked my bonnet star!!!!!! Ordered one of ebay. Hope it'll...
  6. Harry

    Some Yob Stole My Bonnet Badge

    It took me a couple of days before i realised that some **** had swiped my bonnet badge. Fortunately, the idiot didn't manage to cause any damage to the rest of the car in the process which is a relief. I have a W211 and would like to know which badge to buy. I checked EBay and there...
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