1. Brian 1

    Driving after a Stroke

    I have had what's called a TIA (transient ischaemic attack)came on as I was sat watching the 6 o clock news, bingo, leg dead/ numbness, etc. I am not allowed to drive my car for 1 month, and have to let my insurance people know, I am fully recovered now so feel very lucky. My question is...
  2. S

    2 stroke oil in diesel

    Anyone using 2 stroke mineral oil in their mercedes? If so what are your views?
  3. S

    2 Stroke engines

    Does anyone have any experience of running a car with a 2 stroke? I read that driving on closed throttle leads to oil starvation. Any top tips on how to avoid this and other issues gratefully received. It's also a bit of a tricky one to start too but I think that is just me being used to...
  4. nigel cross

    2 Stroke oil in Diesel

    Surfing the web, and have found that some Diesel owners are putting 2 stroke oil into their Diesel, in small proportions, to give better acceleration, smoother running and less soot. Anyone here tried it and what conclusion did you come up with?
  5. Palfrem

    Adding 2 stroke oil to diesel

    Saw on another forum that adding 300ml to 70 litres of diesel apparently improves power delivery, smoothness, quietness and general loveliness. Urban myth??
  6. Mozzer

    2 stroke engine garden multi-tool advice

    Just bought a Chainsaw / hedge trimmer / strummer / brush cutter combo and it has a 2 stroke engine. First time I have ever had a 2 stroke, what do I need to know in terms of use and maintenance ? Apparently I need 10W30 oil for the chainsaw reservoir, but I also need to add oil to...
  7. A

    Piaggio ZIP 50cc, 4 stroke Scooter for sale

    Hello All, I have for sale my 2009 Piaggio zip 50cc, 4 stroke engine. Low milage 5900 KM only!! Lovely bike. Totally untouched and in original condition. Taxed and MOT. I have had this bike for about a year but hardly used it...
  8. Sp!ke

    Two stroke oil

    A couple of weekends ago I met up with my father and we decided to take his old 1956 sailing boat out on the water for the first run of the year. On the way, we filled up a couple of jerrycans worth of fuel for the motor and he was asking me whether 50 to 1 sounded about right for the premix...
  9. W

    Omnivore - 2 stroke petrol engine development

    Initial phase of Omnivore development achieves 10% improvement in fuel consumption compared to stratified direct injection engines, also with ultra low emissions. The research signals a potential paradigm shift with engine ‘upsizing’ for increased fuel economy. Omnivore Summary The Omnivore...
  10. A

    are two stroke engines the 'future'?

    Before you all say no they are horrible, smelly inneficient things have a read of this
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