1. Palfrem

    RBS sued for shedloads

    BBC News - Investors launch £4bn compensation claim against RBS So, if this action is won, that potentially means UK taxpayers have another bill to foot? Sir Fred and his erstwhile cronies presumably won't have £4 billion knocking around.
  2. verytalldave

    "Top Gear" sued over lies

    More trouble for Top Gear team as show is sued over 'rigged' electric car test | Mail Online Surprise surprise.................:eek:
  3. vito113

    Herr Brunstrom the Anti-Driver Cop to be sued!

    Say this and it made my day! About time someone stood up to the little Nazi! "Top cop sued for bad job Jan 27 2004 By Eryl Crump Daily Post NORTH Wales' top cop is being sued by a deputy mayor because of alleged poor policing. Jeff Evans, who last night presented his writ to Chief...
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