1. Andy67

    CLK 270 CDI W209 Supension problem ??

    Have Questions about my CLK 270 CDI , ever hole, speed bump it rides over feels like there is no air in the tyre but only on the N/S front. I have 32 PSi in the front and 34PSi at the rear. Am wondering if there is something broken on the N/S front like a spring??.. Pressing down on both...
  2. B

    Supension Problem

    Hi all, Got bit of a problem with my suspension here goes, I had a set of H & R springs fitted by an Mercedes expect, they all fitted no problem and the car looks really nice :) apart from the passenger side front with sits 8mm higher then the rest.:confused: The only thing the guy could...
  3. D

    self levelling supension fluid

    Dear all, new to site,and already a question, does anyone know what fluid goes in the reservoir for the self-levelling suspension(E class 230Estate 5 spd auto 1996). Just done 3000miles round france in 2wks with trailer tent 2 kids and luggage,felt like i had driven to the shops, fantastic...
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