1. F

    [Question] Sway bars W201 2.0 vs 2.3-16

    I have a doubt about the sway bars of both the cars from my project. The 2.0 it has sportline suspension, and I want to change both sway bars, but it seems they are the same thickness. Can anybody help about the measurements of both swaybars?
  2. L

    CLK Sway or Roll?

    My CLK has started to roll (or sway) a bit on uneven roads mainly from the rear (or feels like the rear) any ideas, ARB's or shocks? No knocks or clangs just a soft 'ship at sea' roll and the car not feeling positive on the road. Any pointers welcome!
  3. Twistedmind

    Sway bar bushes

    Need new bushes. Do I go for standard rubber or uprated polyurethane ones ?? Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  4. nick.ged

    129 front sway bar on 124

    been watching the piston heads vids of speed runs,and am starting to get itchy feet. my car has new shocks and springs, but old worn bushes and 320 sway bars, so it is a bit twitchy at speed, coupled with the 3.07 diff, top speed is only around 140ish and quite scary. i need to upgrade, so...
  5. T

    C43 Sway Bar Swap?

    If anyone done this swap before; C43 Sway bar on C36;and want to to get some ideas;thanks
  6. NW_Merc

    Sway bar mod

    Found on http://www.club202.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=13931 The sway bar is from an ML500 Part no: 163 323 17 65 Torsion bar It's been fitted to a W202, one question, is this possible to do with no future problems say with the regular sway bar mounts? According to club202...
  7. M5CLK

    C32 front sway bar bushing

    My '02 C32 has bad creaking from the front suspension when braking hard or going slowly over bump. I just replaced the end links and the noise are somewhat improved. But I can't figure out the correct part number for the sway bar bushing.. According to EPC with my VIN, it says my sway bar is...
  8. GrahamC230K

    Uprated Anti Rol Bars (ARBs) / Sway bars

    Just a quick thumbs up for uprated ARBs. I've never seen much if any of a mention on here, yet it seems to be one of THE modifications popular amoung all the Audi models on other forums I frequent. I have just upgraded my front and rear ARBs with thicker H&R bars, which are adjustable too...
  9. Surf Blau

    Stabilizing rod / sway bar size?

    I'm not quite certain what the proper English term is, but hopefully you know what part I mean. I want to improve my autoslalom (autocross) performance for next year, and to do this I thought about replacing the front stabilizing rod with a fatter one. Rik (from the US, his website at...
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