1. lordlee

    CLK 320 - Oil - Synth or Semi-synth?

    Hi All, I have been pondering my choice of oil for the CLK as the car is now nearing 95k miles and is using around 1/2 litre every 1000-1250 miles. I am unsure from when I bought the car whether it had synth or semi synth so I have been topping up with Mobil 1 229.5 spec. Now its time for a...
  2. proser

    Catrol GTX 15W40 Semi Synth @ Asda

    Currently at £10 / 4ltr :thumb: and meets MB229.1 Just purchased 16ltr :bannana:
  3. K

    Roland SH 201 Synth New

    Brand new Roland SH 201 Synth. All the box. Warranty. £ 400 or offers :)
  4. W

    10W-40 full synth oil - Smart car

    Hi, Due to increased oil consumption I'm looking to change the oil in the wife's 2003 Smart car. From a Google search I'm led to believe that a 10W-40 fully synth may help, currently I use 5W-40 fully synth. Though I appreciate that an engine rebuild may be on the cards before too long...
  5. Bobby Dazzler

    Mixing Mobil Synth S and Mobil 1 oil

    Our ML270 CDi was filled with Mobil Syth S at it's last service. It now needs topping up, and have some Mobil 1 already. Anyone know if mixing the two will cause any problems? All help much appreciated. Info on Mobil Synth S can be found at link below...
  6. L

    Semi Synth or full synth??

    Just had an interesting chat with Kwikfit (as I am getting them to do an oil and filter change) who have recommended that I put semi synthetic oil in my car if it has done over 30k miles as Mobil 1 full synth is a very thin oil and may be too thin for the seals?? I'm not a very technical person...
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