1. corned

    211 face level vent temperatures

    I have an odd problem with my 211. When the aircon is running and blowing cold air in, the middle vents blow cold, the passenger side blows cold, but the driver side blows warm. 2005 model, so no middle vent temp control. Have I got a distribution flap/motor problem? Or something else? If...
  2. Eleven

    W124 E220 Coupe running temperatures

    Hi, brand new to the MBClub, but over the past few months have referred to it a lot whilst buying my first Mercedes! After 40+ cars, old and new, this coupe could be here to stay - I love it. I'll probably have a few questions, but one that is immediate is the running temperature - this morning...
  3. rajinder_1

    engine temperatures?

    What temprature should a m112 engine be at? mine seems to be getting quite hot above the 80 mark and the oil aswell???? Raj
  4. D

    E320 CDi (W210) Engine Temperatures

    Now that summer has more or less gone, I've noticed that the engine temperature on my E320 CDI (W210) has dropped. It was sitting at about 80 (more or less) throughout summer but now sits at about 65 no matter what traffic conditions (although I've not been caught in a proper traffic jam yet)...
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