1. gr1nch

    Murder hunt launched after man dies trying to stop car thieves

    Murder hunt launched after man dies trying to stop car thieves Poor bloke. I know you're not meant to get involved and just claim on insurance, but I can understand reacting to having your home broken into, whilst you're in it, and have your pride and joy getting driven off with whatever...
  2. D

    look at this adaptor for battery to keep battery from draining thieves off good price

    Battery Disconnect Isolator Cut Off Switch Black Wheel CLASSIC CARS | eBay
  3. Borys


    What to do? My neighbour came up to me saying that last night two individuals were nosing around my car, looking very dodgy.I have 2010 730d m sport at the moment and don' t really want it to go "missing" !!!!!! What to do?
  4. ringway

    Why car thieves dislike Volkswagens.

    Volkswagens are the most difficult cars to steal, security tests reveal. In checks by What Car? magazine, the German built cars came out on top, narrowly ahead of Audi. Findings from Home Office figures revealed that the number of cars stolen in 2010 fell by 12,000 to 107,000. What car...
  5. dowtherz

    Do Car Thieves Now Break In Through The Middle Brake Light?

    Parked my SLK in London last night and have just noticed today the middle brake light has been prized out breaking the internal fixing. There's no other external damage to the car. I'm guessing this is an attempt to break into the boot somehow? If it was plane vandalism I think there would be...
  6. Gucci

    Dapper thieves in a Bentley

    Interesting article from TG website: --------------------------------------------------------- Drive a Bentley Conti Flying Spur? Own a lot of expensive jewellery? We're guessing the two go hand-in-hand, but if you answered 'yes' to both questions, you might want to find yourself a...
  7. Satch

    Message for all Motorbike thieves:

    Do not wear a helmet and you will get away just fine:
  8. J

    Beware: Mercedes Thieves in E London/Essex

    Just thought I'd relate my sad story. Last week my pride and joy, my black Mercedes 300CE-24 Sportline was stolen from my road. I can't believe this has happened, especially after having my Mercedes 260E stolen from the same place last July! It must have been an organised gang, as they...
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