1. tron

    Trim removal prior to tidying bodywork.

    I have some rust on a door skin above the beltline trim and some on the offside rear arch leading edge which I would like to banish. In order to do the job properly, these two trims must be removed. Is this a matter of unclipping or are they stuck on? If the latter, I usually use Dental floss...
  2. B

    tidying w123

    I am tidying up my recent purchase of a 1983 230e , the drivers door and rear wheel arches have some rust coming through,and the previous owner just bodged the rust with paint (looks like dulux!!) Rather than getting a bodywork place to restore the doors and wheel arches, can it be a diy option...
  3. pammy

    Fuzzer - do some tidying up...

    ..ya sloppy beggar :D tha PM box is full :D
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