1. dubsR33

    New wheels fitted and tracked but...

    it steers to the left on flat roads?? I bought some brand new wheels and tyres had them fitted, balanced and the tracking done by protyre in Bristol and the car vears to the left.. :dk: What should i check and how could i fix this problem anybody know? cheers
  2. guydewdney

    wherew can i get a tiny tracked vehicle?

    got a bit of an odd project, and need a tiny tracked 'vehicle' like the base unit of a mini digger / dumper / predestrian loader etc. But the project doesnt justify 3K for one. Looked on ebay for digger / dumper etc - and "tracked"... it needs to be small enough to get through a doorway...
  3. didgit

    balanced and tracked

    had to get a new tyre couple days ago, front left worn on outside edge, after having all wheels rebalanced, all were out due to wear, i had the tracking checked, the car felt fine before but now it just glides along in a supper smooth way, and the steering wheel is level again, i couldnt...
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