1. H

    R230 Tyres and Tramlining

    Hi, i have an 04 R230 SL65 and appear to have the same issue that many suffer with R230's and that is tramlining...I have standard 19 inch wheels and P Zero's 285/30/zr (98y) rear and 255/35/zr19 (96Y) front...Any ideas on a sensible tyre match to minimise the issue or give me a little more...
  2. M

    SLK230 R170 Tramlining Solutions?

    Hi, I have a standard SLK230K with 16" wheels and Falken tyres. The car suffers badly from tramlining. Has anyone with a std car and 16" wheels found a solution to this? I understand tyre choice is very important. Thanks, Mark
  3. wheels-inmotion

    Definitive explanation: Tramlining

    Complaint 1:Involuntary direction changes outside of the drivers command. 2:Unpredictable changes of direction on different road surfaces. What's going on? Tramlining is a relatively recent complaint due to... 1: The road condition 2: The low profile tyre 3: The tyre 1: Motorway troths act...
  4. D

    Tramlining SEC !!!!!!

    Hi can anyone recommend a particular tyre for my 18" AMG style split rims. They are currently 245-40 & the tramlining is just unbelievable. I have had a four wheel alignment & new steering damper & everything checked but the tyres are just terrible to the point of nearly dangerous at times...
  5. BenzComander

    Tramlining and handling issues.

    Have a bit of a problem with the W210. Thought it may be damper related but now not so sure. Symptoms are: Car turns into corners very aggresively, even when applying quite small steering movements, and there is a reluctance for the steering to return to straight ahead. Car seems to...
  6. N

    Tramlining Wheels on C Class

    A friend of mine has bought a set of 18" AMG replicas with new tyres (not sure of size) and the car now tramlines and pulls with every bump and divot on the road, does anyone have any idea why this is, the car is a 1999 C220 cdi classic (i think). He has now taken the wheels off and is selling...
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