1. PJH

    POI capture with TTG & PDA

    Easier POI capture. New menu option from pocketgps. TTG V.5.202 only Please note:- This is NOT a TomTom download, it just makes POI capture easier for reporting cameras to pocketgps. Also any special POIs can be downloaded seperately from...
  2. pammy

    TTG on Watchdog

    right now! :eek: And I know where they are coming from! Jane's not doing too well for us atm :rolleyes: PC World ended up giving the woman her money back for what seems to be TTG nav prob's :crazy: Jane made some serous mistakes when we were in Cambridgshire recently - only saving...
  3. Steve_Perry

    So yesterday I bought a TTG 700.

    I thought I'd treat myself as it was my birthday recently (Thanks again to everyone that posted kind wishes) so I went out and bought a TomTom Go 700. I haven't had a chance to give it a good test yet but I must say that I am really impressed. :rock: I think the biggest bonus of this...
  4. PJH

    TTG 700 for £475 or less

    PocketGPS link
  5. Ted

    TTG Firmware update now available I've tried it and it works well. Not too impressed with the so called postcode upgarade though.....
  6. L

    WANTED TTG or other sat nav

    Hi all. Looking at getting a sat nav as my new company car is without. Thought I would have an ask on here and see if anyone is parting with theres, save some cash to put towards the various wheeled projects I'm working on. :crazy:
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