1. T

    Sl55 amg turbine alloys question

    Hi, I'm looking for some help for a friend of mine, he has just bought an SL55 AMG 2004, he's bought it with some 18"AMG alloys on which are genuine but they are not the turbine alloys, he wants to put turbine's on but he's not sure if the turbine alloys were 18" as standard or 19", hope some of...
  2. S

    Wheel swap AMG 18" for 19" turbine

    Wondering if anyone wants to do a wheel swap have a c43 cab with 18 inch wheels looking to swap to 19 turbine style...
  3. P

    FS: Genuine AMG Turbine alloys just refurbed.

    How much are a full set of genuine 18" turbines worth? Front 2 have decent tyres back 2 are shot. All 4 wheels have just been returned and haven't seen any use since the refurb? I am selling these but unsure on value. Is £700 reasonable? Any interested? Cheers
  4. donshl

    18" Genuine AMG Turbine Wheels (Staggered) with Michelin Tyres

    Selling 18" AMG Turbine wheels as follows: Size: 18 inches Front: 8.5J ET 25, tyres Michelin Pilot Sport 2 (255 40 ZR 18 99Y) Rear: 9.5J ET 28, tyres Michelin Pilot Sport 3 (285 35 ZR 18 101Y) These are in good condition, the front two wheels have one small kerb mark each and the rears...
  5. Spinal

    Turbine Powered Car

    Spotted this at Santa Pod on the weekend, in the "funny car" category! Quite pleasant, but only reached 260mph in the quarter mile strip... so was easily outperformed by the top fuel dragsters... JOanwgq2PWE Also, it wasn't as loud as I was hoping... again, the top fuel things (and the nitro...
  6. simon1966

    Set of Genuine Staggered AMG V 22 Spoke Turbine Wheels

    Hi All I have a fully refurbished set of Style V AMG Turbines. These wheels were the standard fit on SL55 but were an option and fitted to my S211 2004 E55 when I bought it 3 years ago. I have since changed for Style III's. I toyed with selling them after I got them refurbed, but they looked...
  7. T

    Viano 05 Turbine lock up problem

    MB[u1] Viano 2,2 diesel 2005 lock up problem I have had my car, Mercedes Benz Viano 2,2 diesel 2005, in a Mercedes Benz dealership garage for two months. This is, when you put the car into DRIVE and REVERSE. The turbine then locks and the car goes forward without touching the accelerator and...
  8. S

    FOR SALE SL55 AMG 18" Turbine Alloy Wheels and Tyres

    I am selling my SL55 AMG Turbine wheels. They where refurbished about 4 weeks ago so are in very good condition. Complete with tyres. Rear tyres have approx 6mm left. one front has approx 5mm the other one has approx 3mm. The reason one of the front tyres has less tread is because the car dealer...
  9. E

    Run In with a Kurb!! Sl55 AMG R230 Turbine Alloys. Roll Bar...

    Morning All, With the onset of snow in yorkshire I have had a little run in with a kurb. Bye Bye Front Left and Rear left Turbine alloys. I see there is a rear up for grabs in the classifieds by 'Ixi'. I cant contact him because I'm a newb. :doh: If your out there can you drop me a message or...
  10. lxi

    SL55 "Turbine" alloy wheel (rear)

    Genuine AMG "Turbine" alloy wheel from SL55 AMG (R230). The wheel has absolutely no cracks or kerbing however the laquer covering the hub area has (as always with diamond cut wheels) allowed moisture behind so there are some marks - shown in picture. These wheels are "staggered" which means...
  11. vincenz

    Scania Turbine Powered W123 Estate

    YouTube - DRIFT : Diesel Mercedes W123 with SCANIA turbine Glad i'm not paying for tyres......
  12. J

    SL55 Turbine 22 Spoke wheels

    Will be coming up for sale fairly shortly. These are from my 55 plate SL55 and are immaculate aside from a tiny bit of lacquer lifting on a couple of the bits around the centre caps. Just guaging interest first, can be with or without tyres (PZero Rosso's with approx 4mm tread all round) PM...
  13. simon1966

    Style v turbine wheel refurb e55 amg

    Dear All, I have my new (well new to me) E55 AMG Estate, it's a 2004 (54 Plate) in silver with factory privacy glass. The one thing that slightly put me off the car was that at some point in it's life it has had the original wheels replaced with turbine wheels. They were fitted at a MB main...
  14. O

    SL55 AMG Turbine wheels will they fit a W208?

    These are my ultimate fav mb wheel please tell me they would fit, with other tyres of course...
  15. NICKYB

    18" aviator / turbine wheels

    Has any one got these on their clk cabrio?? im after some pics before i buy them, also anyone know the chepest place?? thanks
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