1. Charles Morgan

    Idle question - conversion of W124 to turbocharged OM606 auto

    Thinking (merely a gleam at present) about a turbocharged OM606 into a W124 estate. Much as I love the 300 multivalve non-turbo W124, I find it needs more torque, a five speed auto and a less frenetic rear diff ratio to make it a really relaxing car. First option - fit turbo in the manner of...
  2. P

    A turbocharged 97 e320, stock motor.

    I built this in the summer of 08 after I graduated from high school. It is my first turbo experience and I built the whole thing from scratch. Everything from the turbo used to the engine management installed is a first for any Mercedes. I do live on a farm in America lol but we got a house...
  3. grober

    All Mercedes vehicles to be Turbocharged by 2010

    According to Thomas Weber, head of technology and research as well as development for the Mercedes Car Group: "All our vehicles will have turbocharged engines in series production by the end of 2010 at the latest." Slightly ironic from a company who once rejected turbocharging petrol engines as...
  4. Lazarus

    Turbocharged and Supercharged

    This is just a link to the daft Nissan I mentioned in the pub at the GTG. http://www.j-garage.com/nissan/march/st.htm Pretty hilarious thing really.
  5. Maff

    Supercharges and Turbocharged 500bhp C32

    http://www.autospeed.com/A_1447/page1.html Also has a CLK GTR! (and an F40, F50, Porsche GT1 etc etc)
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