1. Prash87

    W204/W212 HK Tweeter + Speakers

    Hey fellas, i was looking to upgrade my audio system and since I came across following topic ( ) I am looking for following MB Parts: Tweeters A2128201002 Front A2048202102 Looking for 2 of each and...
  2. Shala

    How do I remove the tweeter grille on a 1999 W202?

    I took a little bit of the tweeter grill off but the rest I cant. it feels like if I put anymore pressure I'm gonna break it. I was going to replace the speaker but nowI'm stuck. any help will be apreciated :D Shala
  3. M

    Tweeter replacement

    Anyone know the part nos for the R129 SL dash tweeters and if these are available, before I take them out to get the part no.
  4. 1

    Where can I get MB Tex material for my tweeter pods?

    I have made up these tweeter pods below, does anybody know who sells black MB Tex fabric? Tweeter Builds Cheers Rich
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