1. scotth_uk

    UKOnline Broadband - 22mbps

    :-) Installed yesterday. Requested a MAC code from Plusnet, and used it in the UKOnline ordering process. Took about 10 days in total to change. Seamless transfer with downtime of about 1 hour. Details: £29.99 per month, plus a mandatory modem purchase of about £80 (Netgear DG834GT). 12...
  2. Mambo

    UKOnline cheap broadband

    For those of you who saw the UK Online advert in the Metro this morning advertising 512k unlimited broadband for £9.99. Seems its only available from certain exchanges, if you aren't connected to one of these then the price is £19.99 which isn't such a great deal :( More details here...
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