1. M.Khalid

    How to find VIN with registration plate?

    Hi Everyone, I am planning on to buying a used Mercedes and instead of calling each owners and asking them silly questions, I would like to find the answers to my questions on my own. I know that few months ago there was a trick in to finding the VIN thanks to the Reg number. All we had to...
  2. duncanh

    Can someone decode a VIN for me please?

    After 20 years of Mercedes, I went to BMW last time. I am now looking to return to the fold. I have found a nice 2016 E class estate. Can someone supply the data sheet? WDD2122012B334320 Thanks in advance.
  3. BillyW124

    Vin data card request

    Morning chaps WDD2040232A698939 Ta Billy
  4. J

    Vin Decode + Help with DSB

    Hi All, I've just joined the forums today but so far have found this to be a great source of information! I was wondering if someone feeling particularly nice would be so kind as to do a Vin decode on this for me: WDD2040032A762903 - thanks in advance!!! Also, how do I go about finding...
  5. Windwalker

    Vin Data card request

    Could some kind person please post my vin data please WDD2043032G4395982 Many thanks in advance David
  6. bob6600

    Mercedes VIN Decoder - How to do it yourself

    OK this has been posted many times in various other threads but gets buried and there seem to be numerous threads popping up for VIN decodes. Decoding your VIN will display the factory Datacard showing options fitted to the car at time of manufacture. If the vehicle has had options...
  7. M

    Vin decode

    Evenin' all. Just about to pick up a 15 month old, c200sport premium. I'd be grateful if someone with access to an accurate vin decoder could pull up a data card for me. WDD2052422F255473 Thanks in anticipation.;)
  8. Baileyfizz

    Vin decoders

    HI,I wonder if anybody can explain when I put my VIN number into various online decoders it tells me that my 2011 registered C180cgi estate was manufactured in 2002.If it helps this is my VIN WDD2042492F606590.In fact one of them even tells me my estimated mileage is 202klm but in fact it has...
  9. gr1nch

    VIN lookup sites - anything fishy?

    Apologies for the long post up front. I tend to do them from time to time. This whole area of preventing bad things happen to my car (and my family by extension) has got me very interested. I was curious having obtained my new car's VIN before picking it up of looking it up for fun and to check...
  10. gr1nch

    Is there a risk making your car's VIN number public?

    Apologies, this one turned out longer than I'd expected, as the concept came up that VINs could also help thieves steal our beloved cars to order... Yesterday my M-B dealer sent me the VIN of my car which is being built in a week or so (hooray!). I was about to upload the VIN into that...
  11. T

    VIN Number.- Datacard Info

    Hi Been trying to find datacard information on internet, but VIN Number not found on sites that I have tried. Double checked the VIN number on V5 with the number on the car which are the same. Can anyone help with providing me with the datacard? The VIN Number is: WDB2094542T098898...
  12. E

    VIN request

    This one is looking increasingly like the one I want... Could somebody post the datacard for VIN: WDB2112572B351292, if you would be so kind?
  13. S

    VIN decode

    Looking to order a front strut, looking to check if my vehicle has ABC and 4MATIC (I think not) but would appreciate a VIN decode: VIN #:WDD2210222A251772 thanks
  14. E

    VIN decode request

    Could somebody be kind enough to post the datacard for this VIN, please? WDB2112702A512562 Thank you in anticipation (he said hopefully...)
  15. C

    Vin decoding help needed.

    Hello. Anyone on here able to decode my vin for me please? Or show me how's it's done? Thanks Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  16. C

    VIN check please

    Could someone please give the spec against the following VIN: wdd2042032g012452 Thanks-in-advance.
  17. reflexboy

    VIN check request

    Hi Can anyone post the data card for the following VIN please? Many thanks kind people WDD1724032F099270
  18. dad4geer

    VIN Decoder explanation help!

    Thanks to PobodY for his wonderful VIN decoder link which I tried for my Merc and got following results. There are quite a few things which I don't understand at all so would be grateful if someone can explain what that option means. It would be embarrasing really if I have something in my car...
  19. CreosoteChris

    Nifty Ukranian VIN Decoder

    Came across this URL whilst reading a Jalopnik thread..... new to me, and I don't see it if I put it into MBClub search..... Online decoder that identifies the spec of Mercs from the VIN - certainly works nicely for my 23-year-old 220CE VIN: MERCEDES-BENZ (???????? ??????????) | CARInfo...
  20. C

    VIN check please?

    Could someone please do a VIN check on an S204 I'm going to view, to check spec/equipment: WDD2042032G040481 Thanks-in-advance.
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