1. clk208

    Applying protective film to CLS wheelarch - any tips?

    Hi folks, My CLS being prefacelift had the 4 pieces of clear plastic film on it as standard (2 on rear wheel arches, 2 on rear doors) to protect against stonechips. At some point in the car's history one of these (nearside wheel arch piece) was removed and it has picked up a couple of...
  2. Palfrem

    another chrome wheelarch customer perhaps?

    Mercedes 190e 2.6 Auto (Not Barn Find) | eBay
  3. mercmush

    w126 rust rear wheelarch

    Hello everyone my w126 has rust on the rear wheelarch, has anyone actually had work done from a bodyshop in the SW London area that they would confidently recommend ? If you have let me know, much appreciated.
  4. jamie280e

    W123 280e Bad front wheelarch / Newbie help please

    Hi All, Just bought a lovely old 280e (w123) which Im in love with. Its in cream and generally really good condition apart from a few issues which I wonder if you might be able help with (any advise appreciated!) 1) Smells a little fumey inside -Not bad but any ideas - Probably coud do with...
  5. W

    Wanted: W202 C43/C36 wheel-arch extensions

    Hi all I'm after a set of 4 wheel arch extensions (2 front and 2 rear) as found on C43 and C36 models. See the pic in the link. Some love em, some hate em, if you're in the latter group and you're removing them then please drop me a PM. Cheers, Chris
  6. bobby

    AMG Rubber wheelarch lips - bonding

    Dear All, My rear O/S rubber wheelarch lip is coming loose. Any advice on what to use to bond it back to the body, as I tried Loctite transparent bond and that isnt holding it...
  7. Swiss Toni

    C43 Wheelarch "eyebrows"?

    I have seen the C43 black wheelarch eyebrows on other W202 models with AMG wheels - how much are they & do they just stick on? :confused:
  8. K

    W124 wheelarch rust

    I've noticed some bubbling on both on my front wings near the wheelarch where it meets the bumper with one or two small rust spots starting to come through. I'm aware that this is a common problem on W124's. What I was wondering was what is the best and most effective method of treatment at a...
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