1. A

    Vito electric windows are winding me up!

    My 2007 Vito have a few issues which i need to work my way through. The windows are the most annoying issue i have at the moment! When i flick the switch to wind the window up, the window will go nearly all the way up maybe with 10-30mm to go until it decides to go back down!! i have to...
  2. M

    Winding sound in gears

    C220 2003 Mercedes I noticed a slight winding sound when going up the gears (automatic) Could anyone please help as to what this could be?
  3. brucemillar

    Watch winding wheel came out

    Folks I have been sold a duff watch on eBay. The winder pulls straight out the body and does not turn the hands. Is this something that can be repaired? It's a genuine ICE watch. Shame tojunk it if its a cheap fix.
  4. E

    2003 E320cdi Winding Noise......HELP?

    Guys, It my first Thread and I would like your Help! I have a 2003 E320cdi with over 110,000 Miles and a Full Dealer History, this morning I've just noticed an Winding noise coming from the Engine Bay noticeably around where the Turbo is situated. Either on stand still or driving, it gets...
  5. D

    W124 rear window motor + winding gear

    Wanted, W124 rear window motor + winding gear Hey all, I'm looking for the winding gear + electric motor (comes complete apparently) for a 92 w124 300E rear passenger door, the motor works fine but the plastic parts on the winding gear have snapped and the window fell to the bottom of the door...
  6. M

    Command Winding Me Up!!!

    hiya folks, is there a setting function on command that I can access to change the configuration of my unit i have tried pressing NAV and 5 together heard a bleep but to no avail, because the car is a w209 clk it might be have different settings to a w211 or higher models also can I get add-on...
  7. R

    Winding Down Noise? Stopping

    I have a problem with my '89 300CE. When stopping (Usually at complete halt) you hear a kind of grinding noise from the front of the car. It happens at very low speeds under braking. I have replaced: front disks and pads Changed gearbox oil and filter Both front wheel bearings...
  8. D

    1994 E280 Rear Window not winding

    Hi, Does anyone have any tips about removing and repairing a rear window on a 1994 E280 (W124). The window seems to wind up and down OK, but it makes a hard stop around 2 inches from the top. It seems as if the window has "slipped" on the gear that drives it since when you wind it down it...
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